How we rate your golf equipment...

  • New: Equipment is new and never been hit and not shop worn. This typically adds about 15% to Excellent values.
  • Excellent: Clubs look almost brand new with little use if any. There may be some minor wear from being in the golf bag but no gouges, dings, ball marks, chips in paint, or scratches. The grips should be in like new condition and ready for play. The shafts should be like new as well with no rust spots, abrasions or marks.
  • Good: Clubs may have some standard wear to them with ‘slight’ scratches, ball marks, or chips in paint. All scoring lines should be pretty sharp but can show a little wear. The grips may be only slightly used. The shafts can show some slight wear and use but with no larger abrasions, rust spots or scratches.
  • Fair: Clubs show noticeable wear to them with some acceptable gouges, ball marks, chips in paint, or scratches. Clubs will show signs of use and play. Scoring lines are not as sharp as when new and ball marks may be present (but not excessive). The grips may be worn and shafts show some wear and use.

Types of golf clubs we cannot accept:

Iron sets that are not complete or with shafts which do not match. No bent shafts, rusting heads, dents, excessive paint chipping, large pop–up marks, large dings, lengths +/- (1.5”), lie angles +/-3 Degrees, missing decals, loose ferrules.