About Swing'em Again Golf

A little about our past and what we do!

Over 30 years ago Mark Blair and his family started Golfers Warehouse, one of the first retail golf stores in the country, and in a quick 2 decades built a chain of 7 locations in New England and went on to become one of the top 100 Golf Stores in the country. The stores were sold in 2003 and still continue to offer the same consistent level of quality and professionalism in the New England market. After the sale of the retail stores Mark's son, Mike Blair envisioned changes in technology and the golf industry. In 2004, Mike branched into the on-line world of golf.

Mike saw a need in the market for Golf Professionals to have an outlet to manage their inventory and increase shop sales. Swing'Em Again Golf was the outcome to fill this need in creating a golf club trade in network to allow members the ability to trade their old for new.

Once golf shops started to utilize our Trade-in service they continued to partner with our company in selling their excess shop inventory. In the past most shops would mark items down and have some deep discount sales but this trained members to wait till the end of the season to make that larger purchase. Now that shops have an outlet to liquidate and clean out excess inventory shops have a better opportunity to have a fresh start for the following season.

In the past 14 years Swing'Em Again Golf has partnered with over 4000 golf shops, fitting centers, first tee chapters and retail stores across the country. We have become an outlet for shops to sell trade-ins, excess golf clubs, balls, shoes, bags, gloves, head covers, shafts / fitting cart materials and clothing.

Our programs have been designed with the busy lifestyle of the golf pro in mind and we focus on making the process of selling your equipment quick, painless and affordable.