Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know that you are a reliable business?
We have been on eBay since 2004 with several million transactions. This year alone we have received 18,000 positive feedbacks and have a 99.5% rating. Our team of 23 employees really know their gear, are proud to represent and are vested in the business and its growth. Each team member strives to ensure that your transaction is flawless. This season we expanded into an updated 16,000 sq. foot distribution center and retail outlet.

2. Why should I entrust you to purchase my clubs?
We are currently servicing over 4,000 satisfied golf shops throughout the US who are repeat customers and have partnered with us to help them accept Trade-in's and manage their excess shop inventory.

3. Can you explain how the process works?
Simply input the clubs that you would like to obtain the value for on our home page to sell to us. Choose the drop down menu asking how many pre-paid labels you will need to ship your clubs and your UPS labels will be emailed to you. Print out your label(s), place it on the box and either drop the box off at UPS or schedule a pick-up.

4. Are there any shipping and handling fees?
Shipping is FREE if you are a Golf Pro or Golf Shop Operator. If you are the Golfing Public, shipping is also FREE for any transaction that totals over $150. A $5 S/H fee will be deducted on transactions of $100-$150. A $10 S/H fee will be deducted on transactions less than $100.00.

5. What if I don't see my club on your list, will you still accept it?
Yes, in most cases. Keeping our database updated with the variety of clubs manufactured can be challenging. We will determine the value of an unlisted club on an individual basis. Occasionally, unlisted clubs are not deemed acceptable. If you don't find your club listed, simply send us an email through our contact page and we will personally notify you with the value.

6. When can I expect payment for my clubs?
If you are a Golf Pro or Golf Shop Operator, you are pre-paid which means that your payment is processed once your labels are printed and scanned by a UPS Driver. In some cases, your check may arrive while your clubs are still in transit. Generally speaking however, you can expect payment within 10 days* from the date of the original transaction. The golfing public is paid once we receive your clubs and they are inspected to make sure that they were described accurately. If everything is accurate, your payment will be processed within 7-10 days* of receiving your items in our warehouse. A confirmation notice will be emailed when your shipment arrives and again when your payment has been mailed.*We make every effort to pay everyone on time, however receipt of payment is also dependent on the volume of inventory arriving in a given time.

7. What happens if you feel that my clubs were not described accurately?
Swing'em Again Golf reserves the right to adjust pricing without notice based on inaccurate condition ratings that are submitted on our website. This is not a common occurrence but at times there are rather large discrepancies. Common sense should prevail. Please view our Club Condition Image Table.

8. Do you accept brand new clubs?
Yes. In order for your club to be considered new, all accessories (head covers, wrenches, etc.) that came with the shrink wrapped club originally will need to be included or the club will be placed in the Excellent category. Also, it can not show any wear from being hit in a store, on a simulator or outside on the range or course. If the club appears to be a 'demo' it will be placed in the 'good' category.

9. Does the condition of my club matter?
Yes. As part of the Club Quote Process you must select the condition of the club from a drop down menu. Ratings are determined on a scale that ranges from new to fair. Poor clubs with excessive wear will not be accepted. Click here for specifics on club conditions and the type of clubs that are not accepted.

10. What type of iron set make up's do you accept?
Iron sets must consist of at least 5 sequential clubs with matching shafts and a pitching wedge.

11. What if my clubs arrive and the condition is unacceptable?
If your club arrives and does not meet our acceptance criteria we will do one of the following:
1. Return the product to you - Return shipping charges will be charged to your account.
2. Disposal of the club if it is of no value and you agree to its disposal.
3. Repair the club with your authorization and deduct the cost of the repair from the original value.